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Fertility Treatments

Infertility is a condition in which a woman who has regular sexual activity and is not using contraception does not become pregnant after a specified period of time.
Studies have shown that in most cases, when healthy heterosexual couples have a typical sex life, pregnancy will result within 2 years approximately 90 percent of the time, provided that contraception is not used. In Japan, the term "infertility" is used to refer to cases in which a pregnancy has not occurred naturally within two years.

Infertility is most commonly caused by various issues that make conception difficult. These issues can affect one or both parties. For women, these can include the absence of ovulation, fallopian tubal and cervical factors, and abnormalities of the endocrine system. For men, they can include sexual dysfunction, obstruction of the ejaculatory ducts, and abnormalities of the sperm.
At this clinic, we provide treatments involving conception timing coaching in the early stages, and ovulation-inducing medications.
Treatment methods differ depending on the needs of the patients, such as those relating to age. Please feel free to consult with us.
Infertility is a challenge that couples overcome together.
It is essential that partners understand and encourage one another.

Main Treatments
  • Conception Coaching

    The doctor checks the size of the ovarian follicles, and advises the couple on when to conceive.
    This is a method for ensuring that ovulation and intercourse happen at the best possible time. It increases the likelihood of a natural pregnancy.

  • Ovulation Induction

    In this method, ovulation-inducing medication is administered orally beginning on the fifth day of the menstrual period, to stimulate the growth of the ovarian follicles.
    At this clinic, we conduct these treatments primarily with the use of medications that are taken internally.

  • Hormone Therapy

    A hormonal agent is applied to developed ovarian follicles to stimulate ovulation and increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

  • Traditional Chinese Treatments

    In this treatment method, Chinese herbal medications that have beneficial effects on many of the conditions associated with infertility are prescribed and administered.
    This course of treatment can be taken in a wide range of cases, as it can be used even when it is not possible to prove the specific cause of the infertility.

To Women in the Early Stages of Pregnancy

If you have received a positive pregnancy test but have not yet decided whether to carry to term, or if you have not yet decided upon the facility at which you will give birth, please consult here at the clinic with a doctor designated under the Maternal Health Act.
At this clinic, we will follow up at every step along the way, from an examination to determine whether or not you are pregnant, to fetal heart rate testing.
Please feel free to ask us about subjects such as referrals to nearby facilities that support childbirth, as well.
Even if the results of a pregnancy test are confirmed, that alone will not tell you whether or not the pregnancy is healthy. A miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy may also be possible.

*A Designated Doctor under the Maternal Health Act is a practitioner or hospital (or other medical facility) designated by the medical association of one of Japan's administrative divisions. This process takes into account the practitioner's character and skills, and the hospital's facilities.